Pigmentation Facial Book an Appointment

At Clinical Beauty our Pigmentation Facial addresses sun damage and dark spots. 

Even younger skin can be at risk of pigmentation from sun damage. The once cute freckles across the nose and cheeks can become more dense, causing an uneven tone. As we become older, pigmentation increases as our melanocyte (cells that produce pigment) increase as we age. 

Our relaxing facial combines a low level gentle peel with LED Phototherapy to gradually break down the pigment, brighten the complexion and unify the skin tone.

Duration: 1 hour 

Downtime: None

Aftercare: Avoid direct sunlight, use SPF50

Cost: £55.00 Book an Appointment

The Pigmentation Facial works better with a course as results are accumulative.


All our treatments commence with a Consultation where we customise your treatment to address your individual needs and concerns.

We use the powerful polarization and fluorescence elimination technology of the OBSERV - state of the art skin imaging technology.

Your consultation will involve a discussion about your current skincare routine after which we will proceed to cleanse and analyse your skin.

Cost: £40.00 redeemable against any products purchased on the day.