Sensitive Skin Facial Book an Appointment

Designed to calm and soothe inflammation, reduce redness and relieve irritation, our Sensitive skin Facial is ideal for hypersensitive skin that flushes easily.

Your skin is refined using a gentle and deep cleansing clay whilst our incredibly effective serums are delivered to the deep levels of the epidermis using soundwaves and small electrical impulses. A highly concentrated vita enriched gel works cohesively to support the immune system of the skin as well as containing growth factors that thicken and tighten the dermal layer. The skin is then cocooned in a nourishing hydrating mask that delivers ceramides, Vitamin E and regenerating peptides to your skin.

It’s the ultimate facial treatment for sensitive, damaged and inflamed complexions.

Results are enhanced and accelerated by finishing this facial with soothing LED Phototherapy.

Duration: 1 hour

Downtime: None

Aftercare: Avoid direct sunlight, use SPF50.

Cost: £55.00 Book an Appointment

The Sensitive Skin Facial works better with a course as results are accumulative. 


All our treatments naturally commence with a consultation where we customise your treatment to address your individual needs and concerns.

However, if you require a separate ‘consultation only’ service we are happy to do so. We recommend that you either bring your current skincare products with you to the consultation or take a photograph of these products to show us. Your consultation will involve a discussion about your current skincare routine after which we will proceed to cleanse and analyse your skin.

Cost: Complimentary